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Is Artificial Grass suitable for children and pets?

All our artificial grass products have been designed to be pet and child friendly and are all tested to UK & European standards.
Our products look and feel like natural grass and are soft, yet durable.

Can it be laid directly onto decking or hard surfaces?

Yes. You can lay artificial grass directly over treated decking and secure in place using green tanalised timber screws.
It can also be laid onto hard surfaces such as concrete or flat roofs, as long as the surface is clean and already has good drainage.
You may need use adhesive to apply directly onto the backing of the latex and apply to the surface.

How can I get samples of Artificial Grass?

For samples fill in our online request form here or call us on 0800 288 8611. Samples are limited to 4 per postage.

Can I clean my Artificial Grass lawn?

You can either hose it down or let the rain clean it for you.

How can I keep my Artificial Grass lawn looking as good as new?

To keep your lawn looking as good as new, we recommend giving it a quick brush every 6 months. This keeps the pile standing up and looking clean.

Can I fit Artificial Grass onto soil?

We recommend using a sub base of sand and a weed barrier on top of the soil.

Is your Artificial Grass easy to install?

Once your ground has been prepared, the installation of the artificial grass is simple if you follow the steps on our Installation Guide and use the recommended equipment.

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